2017 Jiu-Jitsu Events Calendar


Sunday 15 – Grappling Industries Melbourne www.grapplingindustries.com

17*/18/19/20/21/22 European Jiu-Jitsu IBJJF Championship ibjjf.org/championship/european-jiu-jitsu-ibjjf-championship/

Sunday 22 – Grappling Industries Brisbane www.grapplingindustries.com

Saturday 28 – UAEJJF Melbourne International Pro


KIDS DIVISION https://www.uaejjf.org/event/info/393

GI DIVISION https://www.uaejjf.org/event/info/395

NO-GI DIVISION https://www.uaejjf.org/event/info/398

Sunday 29 – “Initiator Crown” Event BJJ www.eventsbjj.com


Sunday 05 – Grappling Industries Adelaide www.grapplingindustries.com

Sunday 12 – Grappling industries Sydney www.grapplingindustries.com

Saturday 18 – Sydney International Pro Trials

Saturday 18 – Hybrid Grappling 2 www.hybridgrappling.com

Sunday 19 – Pan Kids IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu Championship – Long Beach ibjjf.org/championship/pan-kids-jiu-jitsu/

Sunday 19 – “South East QLD Championship” www.qbjjc.com.au


Saturday 04 – “Sydney Cup” Sydney Cup P/L www.sydneycupbjj.com

Sunday 12 – “Byron Bay Australian Open” Byron Bay Open www.bjjaustralianopen.com.au

15*/16/17/18/19 Pan Jiu-Jitsu IBJJF Championship, Irvine CA ibjjf.org/championship/pan-jiu-jitsu/

Sunday 19 – “Brisbane Open” www.qbjjc.com.au

Sunday 26 – “Western Australia No Gi State Championship” AFBJJ WA www.afbjjwa.com.au

Sunday 26 – “Sydney Open” IBJJF www.ibjjf.org


Saturday & Sunday 1/2 European Jiu-Jitsu No-Gi IBJJF Championship, Rome http://ibjjf.org/championship/european-jiu-jitsu-no-gi/

Saturday 8 – “Mackay Central Queensland Championship” www.qbjjc.com.au

Saturday 8 – “South Australia State Championship” AFBJJ SA sa@afbjj.com

Saturday 8 – “Hobart Open” AFBJJ TAS tas@afbjj.com

Sunday 23 “South Pacific Championship” www.qbjjc.com.au

Sunday 23 – “Tasmania Jiu Jitsu Open” tasjjopen.com.au

17/18/19/20/21/22 Abu Dhabi World Professional Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2017  www.uaejjf.org

Saturday 29 – Sunday 30 “Victorian State Championship” AFBJJ www.afbjj.com

Sunday 30 “Sydney Cup 2” Sydney Cup P/L www.sydneycupbjj.com


Saturday 6 “Gladstone Open Championship” www.qbjjc.com.au

Saturday 27 “Australian Capital Territory Championship” AFBJJ ACT act@afbjj.com

Sunday 28 “Caloundra Open Championship” www.qbjjc.com.au


Saturday 10, Sunday 11 “Koma Memorial Classic” Melbourne, Victoria pat@bjjcomp.com, anton@bjjcomp.com

Sunday 11 “Byron Bay International Open” Byron Bay Open www.bjjaustralianopen.com.au

Sunday 18 “Perth Cup Gi” AFBJJ WA www.afbjjwa.com.au


Saturday 1 – Sunday 2 “Queensland State Championship” AFBJJ QLD qld@afbjj.com

Saturday 15 “Tasmania State Championship” AFBJJ TAS tas@afbjj.com

Saturday 15 – Sunday 16 “New South Wales State Championship” nsw@afbjj.com

Saturday 22 “Townsville North Queensland Championship” www.qbjjc.com.au

Saturday 29 “Northern Territory State Championship” nt@afbjj.com


Saturday 12, Sunday 13 “2017 National Championship” Melbourne AFBJJ – IBJJF www.afbjj.com 5 Star Australia

24/25/26 World Master Jiu-Jitsu IBJJF Championship, Las Vegas

Sunday 27 “Gold Coast Open” www.qbjjc.com.au


Saturday 2 “Rockhampton Open” www.qbjjc.com.au

Sunday 3 “Perth Open No Gi” AFBJJ WA www.afbjjwa.com.au

Sunday 3 “Byron Bay Spring Australian Open” Byron Bay Open www.bjjaustralianopen.com.au

8/9/10 Asian Jiu-Jitsu IBJJF Championship, Tokyo

Sunday 24 “Sunshine Coast Open” www.qbjjc.com.au


Sunday 1 “Oceanic Championship” Events BJJ www.eventsbjj.com

Saturday 14 “Cairns Open Championship” www.qbjjc.com.au

Friday 27 – Saturday 28 – Sunday 29 “Pan Pacific Championship” AFBJJ – IBJJF www.ibjjf.org


Saturday 11 “Newcastle Open” nsw@afbjj.com

Sunday 12 “East Coast Championship” www.qbjjc.com.au

Sunday 12 “Western Australia State Gi Championship” AFBJJ WA www.afbjjwa.com.au

Sunday 19 “Byron Bay Summer Australian Open” Byron Bay Open www.bjjaustralianopen.com.au

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